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Monday, June 12, 2017

J-Links of Interest

A byproduct of Japan’s sluggish economy has been an uptick in merger and acquisition activity. Although still relatively scarce by Western standards, M&A is alive and flourishing in Japan.

Why M&A Is Different in Japan (Columbia Business School)

Consoles and mobile phones have killed of Video games arcade everywhere - except in Japan. For nearly 40 years Japan's arcades have been a shrine for the art of idling.

Game on: Why Japan's arcades are still winning by Leo Lewis (Financial Times)

Japan's government has struggled to convince citizens that the current strictures should be relaxed. A poll by NHK put Support for the move at only 12 %.

Japan's Governement has legalized Casinos, but they are not popular (Economist)

Even before Shinzo Abe’s government opened the door to potential casino development in Japan, the nation’s gamblers wagered 23.3 trillion yen ($203 billion) on Pachinko and slot machines in 2015.

Japan Is a Gambling Hotspot Even Before Casinos by Emi Nobuhiro  (Bloomberg)

Machines across the world already make sushi, noodles and pizzas. Now a Japanese amusement park has taken a leap of faith by creating a restaurant with more robots than human workers.

Japan’s robot chefs aim to show how far automation can go by Kana Inagaki (Financial Times)

Anyone who has been to Japan will know that it takes toilets very seriously: in fact, when it comes to the business of getting rid of your business, Japan comfortably leads the way.

Why the mystery of Japan’s hi-tech toilets may finally be solved by Gavin Haines (The Telegraph)

Japan is, at its core, a country of rituals, respect, and etiquette. Whenever Japanese people meet for the first time, particularly in a business setting, they present business cards in a custom known as meishi koukan (名刺交換).

I forgot one thing on my trip to Japan — and now I have to apologize to every person I meet by Harrisson Jacobs (Business Insider)


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